15FEB2015, Shopping made easy

I hear too many people complain about being healthy and shopping for it costs too much. To those who that say that, hopefully looking at the grocery list below will help them a bit. However most who complain about such things are typically the ones who do not prioritize their health anyway, which would require a different conversation. They are the ones that are chasing an aesthetic dream, or a utopia that will never exist because there is always “something better”. Buying, cooking, and storing “healthy” food that we are intended to eat is yes, more time consuming and costly to the wallet if you are comparing ¬†getting your calories from tap ramen and McDonalds.

Most people know that if you buy in bulk you are saving. ¬†I frequently buy my food from Costco. Is it local and organic? Most of the time no, however for nutrition on a budget, Costco cannot be beat. Here is a list of things that I bought for cheaper than anywhere else. Prices can vary from costco to costco, but I know the amount that you get for the $$ you spend is better than anywhere I have ever seen. To make it worth your while, you need to cook often. If I don’t use certain meats, I will freeze them.

boneless short ribs
pack of 3 huge ribeye steaks
organic ground beef
cooked whole chicken
organic chicken thighs
uncured/nitrate free bacon
organic eggs
nitrate free honey roasted turkey breast

pitted dried dates
pack of 8 organic canned tomato sauce
pack of 8 organic chicken broth
10# bag of white rice
3# bag of starbucks french roast
(2) 1 L cold pressed olive oil
(1) L of balsamic vinegar
5# bag of shelled peanuts

1.5# bag of organic kale/spinach/chard mix
bag of 6 greenhouse grown bell peppers
bag of 2 greenhouse grown persian cucumber
1 whole pineapple
10# bag of organic sweet potatoes
5# of organic gala apples
2.5# bag of asparagus

This list is very basic, and can be put to use in a lot of different meals. Sure there are little things I will get here and there from other grocery stores but the bulk of what I eat is in this list. Sometimes I will buy some organic collard greens and make a green strew if it’s in season, or buy some local fish from someone I know, however no one ever got less fit or less strong eating from the foods above. Learning the amount is the art.



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