Do you owe the gym or do they owe you?

Do you ever wonder why gym owners open a gym? Is it to make a living? Make money? Become rich? Feel important? I have asked myself that too many times, always being let down with the answer. Sure many will say they opened their gym so they can have a positive impact on people and their lives, but when it comes down to it, do you believe them? Are you there to serve them or are they there to serve you? Owners of gyms absolutely reserve the right to run their gym how they see fit, but when goal #1 is to make money do you think they have your best interest at mind? Of course the place has to be profitable and keep the doors open, but what if the approach was to provide a service so unique to the area that the avenue towards money was the service, and not the emotional reach for that extra buck?

I am no business man, but I do know loyalty, and having run enough gyms I see what works and what doesn’t. I often compare gyms to restaurants. 24hour fitness = McDonalds, mom and pop shop = Mikes Gym. If the goal is to make money by all means appeal to the masses and feed them baloney (not literally). But if you care about your product you grow organically, by word of mouth. You build a clientele of people who appreciate your sacrifices to bring a unique product to the table, not some cookie-cutter experience you can find anywhere.

The gym exists to make you better, not to take your money. Ask yourself that question and possibly if you are getting your monetary worth? Maybe you don’t know a better product, and then we need to have an entirely different discussion. The truth is, the gym needs to make a bit of money to keep the doors open, however it is there to serve you, not you the client serve them. Find a community that actually is driven by intrinsic values, not aesthetic, shallow ones. The only meaningful things in this life come from our brain, not our body, and once we as a community can understand the value and beauty of the individual learning process through training alongside “piers”, we then ALL can start growing…more than just biceps and abs.



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