Dr. Jason Deyo

As a doctor of Naturopathy with a master’s degree in nutrition, I’m guilty of being stubbornly slow to ask for advice with my fitness or nutrition. After years of playing college ball, doing rehab at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and working out with a dozen different cross fit trainers; I thought I had seen, tested and learned from the best Southern California had to offer. The truth was that I was tired of my routines. I was perpetually nursing old sports injuries. I hadn’t seen any strength gains in years. My stamina was at an all time low and my waistline had hit an all time high.  I was about to throw in the towel.

 And then I met Mike Cahill. I told him my concerns. That it was easy for me to gain muscle but what I really wanted was to gain strength.  That the high intensity workouts I had done in my 20’s and 30’s were now leaving me drained instead of invigorated. That my low carb diet, which used to keep me lean, was no longer working. That my “lower back issues” were getting in the way of any heavy lifting. He got it. He had been through overtraining, injury, and burn out himself.

 He designed a program for me and asked me for weekly feed back. I would report my results and he would make adjustments every week. The beginning was embarrassing- My max bench was 175, I couldn’t dead lift more than 185 without throwing my back out and I could barely do a box jump.  He told me to lighten up the weight and we stuck to about 5 reps, we backed off the box jumps and focused on step ups, we cut back the daily intervals to weekly intervals added a lot more rest between sets. This was very different from the “heavy as possible,” “as many reps as possible,’’ “as fast as possible” that I had been used to.

 A few weeks went by and I was pleasantly surprised. My back was getting stronger instead of getting injured. I had dropped a few pounds. Mike added some low intensity recovery cardio and dropped my over all volume of leg training- I stopped feeling sore all the time and started seeing strength gains. It took some time, but he eventually convinced me to add a few carbs to my carbaphobic diet. I’m glad he did.

 It’s been 26 weeks since Mike started doing my programming. My max bench went from 175 to doing 5 reps of 225 pounds. My injury prone max dead lift of 185 is now 3 reps at 315 pounds with no back pain. The 5 “steps ups” he started me out with is now 50 box jumps and I recover in about a minute. I have lost 40 pounds of body fat. I am faster, stronger, and healthier now at the age of 40 than I have ever been.


Thanks Mike!

 Dr Jason Deyo

San Diego, CA







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