Individualized Remote Programming/Coaching



I do private/small-group training. Depending on sport/activity a bit more attention might be required.


For remote coaching:

-An initial meeting/phone interview is required. This is to discuss the current state of your health, what direction  you want to head, and what concerns you might have.

-Your program is completely personalized to you and your goals.

-I program a month out, training sent weekly.

-Depending on sport/activity but for weightlifters and anyone who would be weightlifting, videos once a week are discussed.

-Consistent contact through email/phone to discuss any questions regarding program.


*For cost please contact.

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  1. Cathi Hartwell Reply

    OK Mikey I need this! Will you cut me a discount? :) No seriously, I had thought about driving to RB every week, but this would be so much better. I’m
    2 1/2 months post-op hip replacement and ready to get back on the workout freight train. Let’s talk!

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