Jeff Cusick



I am a former collegiate division 1 baseball player at UC Irvine. We did the standard conditioning that most programs do, while never going overhead. We also “did crossfit” on Saturdays for mental toughness, NOT for strength and conditioning.

Understanding strength and conditioning for the development of athletes is an art. Mike Cahill is gifted with that talent. He understands the difference between training to sweat and look good aesthetically, versus training for a specific, sports-performance result. His methods are unconventional and his approach is intense, but he knows what he is doing and his ability to convey his thoughts is second to none. He knows how to tailor training to target what an individual truly needs rather than a widespread program that every copies and eventually says “it’s their own”.

Let’s face it, not everyone needs the same program. Having the ability to recognize that is what makes Mike special. He understands that how much you clean and jerk doesn’t amount to what kind of person you are, and how fast you run a mile doesn’t change they way he treats you. He is firm but fair. He is smart but challenging. Expect to be pushed. Expect to question sometimes why you are doing this. But most of all, expect to get better. Expect to be the best at what you ask for…. Because nothing else will be tolerated.

So my baseball career ended and I became a firefighter. His training forced me to push myself when I was tired. In my work you don’t get a chance to take a day off or not so something because you ” don’t feel good.” You do the best you can with what your body will allow you to do.

Mike’s greatest ability, most of all, is to be a friend and yet the guy that you will hate on Saturday mornings. He will not become complacent, nor allow you to. He will never ever show up bored, tired, late, or without a spark like every other trainer you see. He brings energy to the table and all he truly asks for is effort. Come with a good mindset to give your best. He has changed my career and made me better at what I do. Thanks Mike!

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