Lu Crenshaw



Hey my name is Lu and I’m here to tell you, Mike is the real deal!

A little over a year ago I was looking for a coach. After 11 years of personal training and 8 years as a gym owner and CrossFit coach I decided I wanted to step into the arena as an athlete again. I’m a former D1 college soccer player and had the itch once again to try my hand at competing. On what level I was not sure, all I knew was that I needed a coach.

I stumbled upon Mike when I dropped into a gym in Cali while visiting friends. He was watching as the class was working out and I remember he gave a very simple, concise cue to one of the athletes and I knew this guy knew what he was doing. After leaving that night I knew he was the guy I needed and after a few more frank conversations it was time to start this journey.

The journey began and 18 months later I am a better athlete and coach, and in the midst of it all I gained a friend. Sure, he programs great stuff, but it was all that went along with picking up and putting down weights, anyone can do that. Mike cares, he asks questions, HARD questions, ones that make you squirm, that make you examine your own life. Questions that you’re either willing to answer or your not. Mike challenged me in ways that no one ever has and I could not be more thankful.

I am so grateful that I ran into him that fateful day! He’s my coach but in the process has also become my friend and I’m so glad he’s been such a pivotal part of my life in the season.


-Lu Crenshaw


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