Luis Rodriguez



Who am I? I am a 33 yr old husband, father, and business man. What does a typical week look like for me? As a Sales Manager I do a lot of traveling on the road and it means early mornings and sometimes late nights in business meetings or traveling to a location to be ready for a meeting the next morning. It is a very high stress environment as you are only as good as your last quarter and are constantly working to exceed the targets you have been given. As a top performer I hold myself and my team to the highest expectations. Aside from work I am very active playing basketball competitively and all types of sports from mtn biking to snowboarding to surfing.

I met Mike about 2 years ago right before I was moving back to Florida from a CrossFit gym he coached at in California. Those few interactions with him impacted me enough to know he was one of a kind.

Fast forward to April of 2014 and I was going under for surgery to repair my right shoulder labrum that had been completely shredded 360• in a snowboarding accident. This was a scary moment for me but I knew that I would come back better than ever but would need the best training and plan to make that happen.

I went through my rehab and was cleared near the end of August by my doctor. I was hesitant at first but Mike was who I thought of as the one that could help me come back better than ever. When I reached out to Mike I thought he would say no because I was not strong enough or a competitor in regionals or some kind of athlete. I was pleasantly surprised by Mike’s response. He wanted to understand what my goals were and my athletic background to better understand how to put together a plan for my training.

In less than 6 months not only did Mikes training get my strength back, he had me hitting PRs almost every week on almost every single lift. He got my conditioning back and most importantly got my mind back to where it needed to be in believing that I could do more and my potential is great. I will never forget TWO very memorable days during my training. One was the day I hit a 200lb OHS which was a 5 lb PR and that was the day I felt that I was “back” and it was only 3 months into my training after shoulder surgery. The second was the day I hit my lifetime goal of 300 lb back squat and I did it twice! I know that’s not much weight but for a guy, but for one that was stuck at 255 for years, it was huge for my body and my mind.

Mike pushes me to my limits and he understands how my body reacts to certain training sessions, programming specific recovery days when most coaches I know just say “do more” or have no actual plan. The knowledge he has is absolutely amazing. He started with me when I was at my lowest point mentally and physically, and got me ready for the CrossFit Games open where I performed respectably and was able to complete every single event at the prescribed weight. He did this by putting a very detailed  program that he sends out weekly, every Sunday night. I am both excited and a bit nervous about the craziness he has in store for me that week.

Mike is absolutely the best coach I have ever met and I would recommend him to anyone no matter your fitness level. He is the person to help get you where you want to be.

Thank you Coach!

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