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Monday, 10NOV2014 – What is your Excuse? Happy Birthday USMC

What is your excuse?

Too often, especially in the gym, excuses are an everyday occurrence. People have reasons why they can’t do this or can’t do that. Genetics, luck, poor sleep, poor nutrition, etc. There is always something and it is absolutely absurd.

Sure it is easy to blame something or someone else for your misfortunes but it isn’t the truth. It is incredible that our society is so quick to blame something else or someone else without taking a hard look at their own individual soul.

YOU are responsible for you
YOU are responsible for growth
YOU are responsible for failure
YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your life

Sure there are some things that are out of your hands, however the lack of accountability in our society is rampant that it has become normal to be below average. Don’t think so? Why do all teams in youth sports league get trophies? Why in CrossFit gyms congratulate every single person on every single day, do they really deserve a clap and a pat on the ass? The answer is absolutely not. You don’t get a good job if you didn’t do a good job. You don’t get a f’ing trophy if you don’t win. With that being said champions fail in their life way more than they win. The difference between champions and below average people who make excuses is that champions are willing to fail. They are willing to go through the low times because they have confidence in themselves and believe that they will come out on top.

I had a crap lifting session today. I was slow, off balance, my approach is shit. It is all too easy to blame it on me sleeping from 9:30pm till 1:30am, yes I woke up at 1:30am and never went back to sleep. I could blame it on the lack of proper nutrition throughout the day. I could blame it on the little nap I took before I lifted at 4pm. The stress of moving, starting a new job, not knowing anyone at the new gym. All of these COULD be acceptable but I would only be bullshitting myself. Sure lack of sleep does have an effect, lack of proper nutrition does have an effect, moving is stressful and takes it toll, however what am I doing to combat this and reverse the negative effects that come with it? I was not focused during the session, I know it. Eating proper foods at proper times is all on me. Sleeping, well thats a tough issue however I don’t have anyone to blame but myself. Everyone wants to blame something for their misfortune. Once people can accept the situation at hand, have a REAL SELF-ASSESSMENT where you look in the mirror and truly ask yourself about your own soul/character is when you will become much happier and start to grow.

Stop caring where the rest of the world is. You do you, you understand where you sit, decide where you want to go and go. Don’t believe the hype in the “easy way out”. Good things require work. Hard, uncomfortable, dedicated work. Hours upon hours of failing to one day master the craft. Stop making an excuse, and start accepting and improving your course of action.

Positives thoughts, and be present in the moment. The rest will take care of itself.


Training session

1. mob+cardio (mobility + cardio, think 5-10′ or ride/row/walk/run)
2. 3 RNFT (rounds not for time):
3x TGU ea side (medium weight)
3x SLRDL ea side (medium weight, hips level, use hamstrings and glutes)
30” FLR (forward leaning rest, belly button to spine, squeeze butt cheeks)
3. 20′ to find heavy single (HS) deadlift (8-5-3-1-1-1-1)
4. 2k row TT



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