Monday, 3NOV2014 – Mike, give me some tips!

I get people who ask me all the time “Mike can you give me some tips on becoming healthier…you know what to eat and what exercises to do”

My first response, which I don’t say to the person but think to myself is, “nothing in this world is free, and especially the most important thing in your life, your health, takes time, energy (typically the uncomfortable kind), and most likely money”. I italicize money because maybe you don’t pay for a personal trainer but you might pay for a gym. You might buy some equipment, or you just might allocate money from one thing in your life to another (i.e. not spending money on new clothes and putting it towards better nutrition).

The second thought that comes into my head:

“When are people going to realize it isn’t as easy as that. How many days, weeks, months do you have?” It has taken me over 8 years to compile the little knowledge that I have on the topic of weight loss/muscle growth/functional health. It didn’t happen overnight, and with that being said, your understanding of your personal growth,and health will not change overnight. In sports performance and health there are no quick fixes, and if you think that there are, and have someone telling you that there is, go try it out and talk to me in a few months (maybe I can help you dig yourself out of that hole, maybe not)

Most of the time, to appease them, what I say is:

If you eat whole foods (relatively balanced), walk for an hour 3x/week, deadlift/squat/press really heavy with some accessory work 2x/week, focus on quality sleep for 8 hours a night, try to laugh more and be in the moment, you will be healthier than most.

Most have NO Idea what that means, because what they are looking for is a new supplement, a new “fitness” class, or something that others aren’t doing that will help them loose weight easily as if they are onto something no one else is.

Unfortunately there are two misconceptions here:
1 is letting a scale dictate your “weight loss” and being skinny means your healthy
2 is that those of us who look good and move well got there easily, which means there are shortcuts to be taken. Neither of those could be further from the truth.

1. Being skinny means your healthy?
I have heard so many girls want to be skinny like the model in the magazine and so many guys want abs like Brad Pitt in fight club. Unfortunately those exist in short periods (for the specific shoot or specific movie) as well as altered for cinematic purposes. Some of these people are the unhealthiest out there. If you are searching for accolades, a look of someone else, or anything else superficial you will ALWAYS be searching. There is always someone better looking, fitter, taller, richer, etc. We have to have a feel and an understanding that everyone has different genetics and with those genes we differ from others. Being healthy has nothing to do with skinny.

2. Hard work is hard work. I was the fat kid as a child and up until the 7th grade. I didn’t have special trainers, or blessed genes. I was THE fat kid in school and I had to put in long hard hours to not become that, and better myself as an athlete…ON MY OWN. Nothing worth in this life comes easy, as soon as those who ask me the question “What are some good tips to get fit” realize that, they will be in a better place.

We only have one body and one mind, why ruin it? Processed foods, “fitness” machines, and aesthetics are all fake. They are not a means to an end. If you can teach a man how to fish, he will be fed the rest of his life. If you can you teach a man how to eat navigate through shitty “food”, shitty fitness propaganda, and shitty people in their life; they are well on their way to become healthier. Like I said, walk for an hour 3x/week and deadlift/squat/press really heavy 2-3x/week, and sleep! In addition if you eat whole foods and control stress levels you will be incredibly healthy.

There are no shortcuts, no pills or powders, or special equipment that will get you the body you want (most likely to impress someone else which is an issue in itself).

Eating whole foods has not changed in years
-Meat (beef, chicken, fish, pork)*preferably grassfed, pastured, wild caught
-Healthy fats (butter, olives, coconut, flaxseed, certain nuts)
-Vegetables (seasonal and organic are best; kale, spinach, carrots, onions, broccoli, beets…etc, corn and peas are not veggies)
-Fruits (fruits are great, however watch the amount of CHO, berries, cherries, pineapple…etc)

Walking 3x/week + deadlift/squat/press 2x/week
-Aerobic work is the foundation for all exercise. Aerobic work does not mean jogging, swimming, or biking. I can make you anaerobic, during your running in 30”. Don’t be fooled by the exercise, focus on the energy system that is being performed. A brisk walk can help us recover, get rid of free radicals, help with stress relief, and calm the mind. Deadlifting, squatting, and pressing will help put on lean muscle tissue, create a strong structural foundation, and overall make us more functional in real life.

-If you want to argue with me that sleeping less is good for you than you are the type that just wants to argue and you need a reality check.

Laugh more
-The ultimate stress relief is laughing. Laughing makes life better.

Stop reading magazines or watching tv shows for your idea of health, start listening to yourself.

Becoming truly healthy has no product to be sold. Becoming “healthy” in this country is sickening. Buy this new fad, do this new fad and you will be cured. That is exactly what has led us to be the fattest country in the world. Eat right, move how you’re meant to move, and be human.


Today’s Training



1. mob+cardio
2. 1k row @ 2k pace, 3′ walking recovery rest x 3
3. cool down


1. mob+cardio
2. muscle snatch + snatch balance, 4x
3. off blocks AK: work to heavy triple (18′)
4. off blocks AK: clean + front squat w/ 2” pause + split jerk (18′)
5. weighted pull up 8-8-8-8
5a. weighted ring dip 3-3-3-3



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