Holistic Function/Wellness

Health is not just a matter of moving more and eating less, in fact it is the opposite.

Fitness and nutrition are similar in that there is no such thing as a one-size fits all program. Each individual has their own set of issues and own set of goals. I work with clients of all shapes and sizes ranging from the overweight, metabolically deranged person trying to get their life back, to the elite 25 year old professional athlete.

When the body stores too much fat, or is unwilling to add muscle mass the body hormonally is off and not balanced. If losing weight or gaining weight was simply moving more and eating less or moving more and eating more, than everyone in the gym would be really thin and lean or lean and muscular, right? That is obviously not the case.

Most of the United States eats too much processed foods in form of carbohydrate, has inadequate sleep patterns, and exercises incorrectly. What if I told you that the calorie conservation and over-exercising is actually what is making you fat?

Understanding the role of cortisol and insulin is key into fighting fat storage and increasing lean tissue.

Through a guided nutrition plan I can help you get on the right track to finally earning those results you have been wanting.

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    Yes, please. How much would you charge me per month for programming and nutrition?

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