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Saturday, 15NOV2014 – WTFW

Do you ever second guess your coach? I don’t necessarily mean go against what they say as they coach you but, 2nd guessing their entire approach on how they help you? Do you wonder when they tell you things, do they do the same?

“Dig deep!”
“Get some!”
“You have to focus”
“You neglect and forget about your injury and play for your team, be a team player”
“Getting strong and fit takes years of dedication”

When I hear coaches say things like this I always ask myself “Do you do this? Have you ever done this?” Personally, I think a coach needs to lead or have lead by example. Coaches that preach focus, attention to detail, toughess, and work-ethic always need to be held accountable. Can they focus, can they be detailed, are they tough, and what is their work-ethic like? Do not assume since they wear a shirt that says ‘coach’, or have a whistle, that they know what is best for you. Most of these coaches have ego issues and want to boost it by bossing someone around, not help someone grow.

Truth is, those coaches are a joke, they make me and others alike sick. They are taking advantage of people who are entrusting them that they are being lead down a path of growth, yet they are just being pushed further and further away from reality and left without a positive experience. Now I am not saying that positive experiences and growth are smiles and butterflies, nor is growth an easy avenue, however it takes a real coach, one with a feel for each of his/her players to bring about something special.

I played 3 quarters of a football game with a broken arm (I broke it in the 1st quarter, didn’t cast it). I competed in the CrossFit Games SoCal Regional event in 2013 on 126 hours of sleep out of out of 1,008 possible hours (I developed insomnia, slept 11-2am everyday for 6 weeks, you can do the math) and recently competed in the 2014 CrossFit Games SoCal Regionals with a partially torn pectoral muscle. I am not the toughest person, nor am I most focused, yet I feel that I walk the walk. I do it for me, but I do it also for my athletes. Things come up, life deals shitty situations but you need to be able to do the best with what you got, and sometimes what you got isn’t much but that doesn’t mean you don’t give it. Too many coaches are unwilling. They can talk the talk but will not walk it.

I see too often coaches in a gym who preach getting stronger and fitter but can’t snatch 185 because they are weak. I see football coaches yelling at kids about their toughness but their fat ass wouldn’t know what to do when life punched them in the mouth. If you pay someone to train you and they are overweight, can’t snatch their bodyweight, or can’t row a 2k in sub 7′ you need to ask why you are paying. If they cannot devote time and energy to make themselves stronger and fitter why should you listen to them? Do they really know the ups and downs it takes to grow? Have they been through dark times for the “goal”? They don’t understand, nor will they ever. People like this need to get out of the industry and stop taking advantage of others. Fitness/CrossFit coaches need to learn how to lead by example. They need to learn what it means to live, train, and recovery intelligently.

They need to Walk. The. Fucking. Walk.



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