Mike Ferraro

I have an extensive background in the athletic world. I played basketball and baseball in high school where I went on to play Division 1 Baseball at the University of San Diego. From there, I was lucky enough to get drafted by the New York Yankees in the 20th round of the 2010 MLB Draft. I played 2 years in the Minor League system for the Yankees, where I was fortunate enough to be exposed to all different levels and types of athlete as well as types of athletic training.

In addition to my two years of MLB I was invited to compete at the  2014 CrossFit Game SoCal Regionals event as an Individual. From my experience in athletics and exposure to the different types of athletic training, I can confidently say that Mike’s forms of training and knowledge on the subject are second to none. His methodology when it comes to athletic training is something that I believe every athlete can benefit from and use to propel themselves to the next level in whatever sport they participate. He has the tools needed to help athletes excel in all ways physically and mentally.

I would recommend all athletes to Mike Cahill to experience the highest form of physical training I have yet to experience.



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