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Thursday, 16OCT2014 – searching

We are creatures of search. From the beginning of time we were on the move physically and emotionally. We needed to find shelter, sustenance, and companionship. As time went on and years passed we searched for tools to improve warfare, cooking, and travel. We, through trial and error discovered new lands, new people and unique, unfamiliar paths taken. Electricity, chemicals, and work-ethics all things that were sought out to improve our lives. Trains, lightbulbs, heating, refrigeration; all a step in the direction of pursuit towards betterment.

Have we changed? Of course we have adapted, in some cases for the worse but in others the best. The change is inevitable but the journey taken for that change has severely been altered over the years. That alteration sewed by generations past; their hard work and diligence to excellence is what has afforded this generation a life all too easy to have, “inheriting” that light at the end of the tunnel as a birthright, not a tattoo earned. We have become a society of, “I need it now and deserved it yesterday”. What happened to our search? To see the light one must see the dark, to be able to appreciate the light. I am guilty of it as the next, changing radio stations all too fast. Leftovers aren’t good enough for dinner, and feeling all too sorry for myself too often. The light at the end of the tunnel is a long road taken, not something given. It must be taken, it must come with many sacrifices, and it must come with a lot of pain. Pain too often comes with so much negativity but for anything great to be achieved the level of discomfort is astronomical. Lack of sleep, lack of fun, lack of “me” time, lack of being sheep. It is carving your own path, it is taking steps typically not taken, and it is doing them again, if the step is missed, just to be sure. My generation is reluctant to accept hardship, the bar is lowering, and lowering, and lowering. What happened to finding yourself in the dark? What happened to earning it…

I went walking today, and have become very fond of walks. In a quiet place, it is very therapeutic and leaving the hand-held device at home helps tremendously. On my walk I noticed 3 kids playing in the front yard, two boys maybe 10-11 with their shirts off playing basketball and the other a girl, maybe 7-8, searching for something in the garden. I thought, “What is she searching for” As my walk was somewhat slow, I watched for about 30-45” as I passed the house and the girl did not seem to find anything. What was she doing? Is this a testament to a child’s innocence, looking for something she cannot find? Or might there be some beauty in going through some dirt to find something special? We are always searching. We want the latest and greatest. We want to be the best-looking, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest; we want ways to improve whatever we hold special personally. Are we willing to go through some dirt to find it?



Training for given athlete (football player, playing Friday):


*in addition to afternoon walkthrough practice

1. mob+cardio

2. 3 RNFT: 2 TGU ea side @ 15#, 4 SLRDL ea side, 10 band pull apart

3. power clean 3@35%, 3@45%, 2@60%

on field

3. 10′ ladder drills, full rest between drills

4. 10′ change of direction drills

5. 10′ recovery ride on bike + stretch + therapy in trainer room + hydrate and eat!




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