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Tuesday, 3FEB2015 – Do you want that Golden Ticket?

I have not written in a while, unfortunately I have no excuse. I hope to write more



As Mark Twight said, “I am fucking rabid today”.

People want to stand on the street corner (social media) and say they are bringing their blue-collar lunch pail and *earning* their lunch. They deserve everything that is given to them because it is their right. Their reasons for not accomplishing something is always someone else’s fault, never theres’; how could it be? Everyone has a golden ticket and if the first supposed ticket doesn’t work they are onto the next one. Sound like anyone you know?

This life is great but it doesn’t owe you a thing. There exists only one Golden Ticket in this world and it requires consistent, attention to detail. It requires one to have a HONEST self-assessment, and the ability to carry out a plan of action on a daily basis, not when they feel like it. I relate many things to the gym/training because 100 pounds will always be 100 pounds. One mile will always be one mile and you can’t cheat it. There are many things in this life that can be cheated. People can be born into better situations than others, some can have a higher genetic potential than others, and some flat out cheat in many areas, however that is no excuse to complain and blame others for where you sit. The gym is raw and honest. It tells you when you are paying attention to the detail and when you are not. It lets you know how hard you actually are working and how often. I have had members with many breakdowns, epiphanies, and lessons-learned inside my gym. To me, the gym is common ground for all men/women. Money, race, and social-stature mean absolutely nothing in the gym. A 500 pound deadlift will ALWAYS be a 500 pound deadlift.

I have trained actors, professional/college/high school athletes, the extremely wealthy of Southern California, United States Secret Service, MARSOC Marines, Grandmas/Grandpas, and the average person trying to get in shape. The people that consistently grow are the ones that show up on time, do not complain, more often than not, push pass previous limitations and are willing to go to the ledge. The are the honest ones, because to grow it takes honesty with oneself.

Jumping from different *diet* to different *diet*, program to program, and gym to gym. Athletes complaining about the other who is starting over him or her. Internet searches done by individuals to find blogs that agree with them so they they can rationalize their own dogma. Running a gym is a blessing and has it perks but coaching athletes and members alike bring about too much negativity and excuses. Part of my job as a coach is the emotional growth as well as the physical growth of athletes/members and without guidance for the emotional aspect, then no real excellence can be gained, and you are not a real coach. With that being said it seems to me more and more these days people have excuses for why they can’t do something. They have an excuse for why they are late, and they have another excuse for why they have gained weight. Sound like anyone you know? Look we all fall of the bandwagon, myself included. The difference between someone that has fallen off and the people that never see growth is that the people that never see growth NEVER WERE ON IT TO BEGIN WITH. These are the people that expect a Golden Ticket. They deserve everything in this life without putting an ounce of work in. They are the ones that are not willing to go to *that place* because it is foreign and not the norm. They think by “just showing up” that goals will be accomplished. Unfortunately goals are accomplished by long, slow, consistent uncomfortable work. It takes a dedication to suffering (emotionally and physically) to get where they want to go.

Yesterday I had someone come into my gym to try it out for a few days. During the warm up she asked me instead of working out, if she could just not eat and achieve similar aesthetic results as some of the other girls in the gym. Today, I had a discussion with a friend who recently published a book on performance nutrition, catering mostly to people who want to train and look good, while eating clean. She is in a similar business and is lumped with other internet bloggers that have no educational background on the topic, however have posts letting the uninformed reader believe that there IS a Golden Ticket with certain ways of eating that will lead to optimal results. Excuse the ambiguity, my friend has a background in performance nutrition the other doesn’t. One discusses macronutrient timing and understanding the roles of protein, fat, and carbs where the other posts recipes of baked goods with “paleo” nutrients. The sheep will always be sheep and for my “hopeful” new member who wants to not eat and not have to put in the physical work to achieve aesthetic goals, she will most likely hear of paleo eating and change her diet habits of cereal in the morning for paleo muffins. All this is, is trading one evil for another disguised as a path to the light. People are so caught up on the wrong things. How many calories that they eat instead of eating REAL food (unfortunately a muffin made of honey and almond flour is not food) How much sweat actually came out of their pours because apparently droplets of sweat are equal to amount of calories burned, and touching a barbell will automatically make you look like Arnold, or worse…ME! Sound like anyone you know? You’re right, being 7-10% body fat must suck…

The situation with the person that walked into my gym yesterday asking for an easier way really did happen, but is also a metaphor for our country as a whole. Fat makes you fat, lifting weight makes you fat, and showing up is actually part of the battle. False, false, and F’ing FALSE. None of these are true and if you believe it you need to WTFU. WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP.

NUKE IT, nuke the f’ing foundation and burn the bridge. What you “know” is as much as your peers tell you and what the media forces on you. Eating meat, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats doesn’t make the nutrition companies any money. It is so complicated yet so easy. You have been, and they have been fed lies. They were guesses that apparently formulated into dogma that the average american now takes for absolute truth. That absolute truth has lead to the fattest country in the world. Obesity, heard disease, and cancer all caused by improper eating habits, high stress levels, and a western medicine way of thinking. There is no easy way to attain things in the gym. There is NO Golden Ticket and for those who still believe in that easy Golden Ticket, stay out of my gym. For those of you who understand that the Golden Ticket is a personal journey of ups and downs, fails and successes, and one of spiritual growth, I hope to learn and grow from you. You are what you hang around, don’t let the NORM bring you down. Cut the chains of normalcy and be free. Stand on the ledge and cut the bridge.



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