Wednesday, 15OCT2014 – Recovery II

Everything costs something.


Everything you do in your life has a consequence. You want food, you have to pay for it. If you want to take a road trip it’ll cost gas and time. You want to learn from someone smarter than you? It will either take time volunteered, money or both. Nothing comes free in this world; all pay.


Payment can come in many forms. In relation to training, payment comes with recovery, and if any of you, regardless of sport think recovery is a small % of training than you should probably not read any further (notice I say training, I am not talking about people who want to burn calories at their local bootcamp or pulse at their pilates studio, I am talking real training; RFF. Real Fucking Facts) Setting a personal best on a back squat or a snatch takes a lot of shoveling. The hole you create at that time is deep and extensive. Rowing a 5k personal best takes a lot of concentration and pain. Playing lights out on a Friday night while your entire community/school is watching takes adrenaline, fear of failure, and a great deal of ups and downs. What they all take is preparation. Nobody back squats, snatches, or rows a 5k new personal best (unless you started squatting, snatching, or rowing a year ago) on a consistent basis. For those who train and have been training, personal bests take a lot of time and a deal of luck to come by. Beating your rival on Friday night is no different. Sometimes the football God’s are just on your side, but they wouldn’t be on your side if you didn’t EARN IT. You slaved away all spring, all summer, watched film, got treatment, loss to a team you weren’t supposed to, stayed after practice to do some more drills. You earned that win on a Friday night. Just like the athlete who snatched more weight than he or she has ever thought of, and it’s all great, but it comes with a price.


There is a reason you do not max out everyday, and is the same reason you can’t play a football game on a daily basis. For many highly-conditioning athletes, it might not be the physical stress that they think gets them, it’s the emotional. The emotional high of hitting a new personal best in the squat, or beating your crosstown rival on Friday night, ┬áis unparalleled with other things, yet it’s not that you suffer from; it’s the after-effect. The emotional cope (let down) of the time after this new personal best, this win on Friday night, is a de-stressor, it is good for you and is needed. The cortisol swings from a football game are enough to take you out for a few days, thats why most schools do a recovery day or two after a game plus a full off day. The emotional toll it takes to build yourself up to the highest degree possible, to perform past a level once thought of, is a hole that is dug deep. That hole needs to be occupied a bit for resting, once that bit of resting is accepted, then the athlete can safely come out and attempt to dig another. Digging the same hole consistently (doing the same shit all the time) will only make your hole so deep that you will never get out. Greats are not created by consistently digging, they are created by digging and assessing. Assess where you sit and then make a plan…

Everything costs something.



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