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Wednesday, 19NOV2014 – Sometimes you just want to eat bacon

In the world of strength and conditioning/crossfit/fitness, I feel programming is one of the hottest debated topics, next to the carbohydrate but nonetheless, programming is at the heart of strength and conditioning coaches/trainers. Let’s face it, the coach/trainer that can get results is better than a trainer that doesn’t. Everything in this world is communication so a good coach needs to be able to communicate to his players or to his clients, but what separates strength coaches is their ideology. What do they believe in? How do they go about implementing it and do they have the ability to adapt their ‘program’ to their clientele. There is NO one size fits all unfortunately, because if there was everyone would be doing it, right?

To me it comes down to:

Defining the goal
Defining the timeline and allotted hours of the week to train for it
Defining what is most broken (what needs the most attention) and fix it
Implement training, while keeping a close eye on adaptation
Updating program as needed

There really isn’t anything that “doesn’t work”. There are things that work for some that don’t work for others. Doing aerobic work 5x/week might be great for some, might be detrimental for others. What is the goal? Just as that aerobic work might be great, intense anaerobic work 5x/week is most likely not the best for an individual. Some might be asking what is he talking about, or why would doing anaerobic work 5x/week not be good for someone,YOU MOST LIKELY PAY A CROSSFIT GYM FOR YOUR PROGRAMMING. Talk to me when you start overtraining/under-recovering, your lifts stagnate or go down, and you sleep less and have no sex drive. Until that happens, keep maxing out and going for that daily PR :)

In the sport of football it is a little less grey. The sport is largely a-lactic (meaning the game doesn’t produce a ton of lactic acid build up in the players bodies) and aerobic (ability to recovery between plays, 3-7” play with 15-45” recovery) However there isn’t one way to train these energy systems for the sport of football. The strength coach will have his or her tendencies but they need to understand their team, where they sit currently in there s&c, and then go from there.

I’ve talked before about going through cycles in training, meaning you can’t get improve your strength, power and aerobic conditioning all at the same time. We need to be smart in what we pick and choose to improve. So understanding the basic cycles of strength and conditioning is vital.

Foundation cycle (restorative work, rehab/prehab, aerobic/strength foundation)
Strength cycle (building the framework of the engine)
Power cycle (building the capacity of the engine)
Power-Endurance cycle (building the conditioning and ability to repeat its efforts)
Endurance cycle (if needed, depending on sport, can blend with foundation)

Now I get all the time “Mike! What should I be doing!”

Here is a sample week for a 170# male attempting to get stronger/put on muscle/while maintaining his aerobic base


6am – protein/carb shake (15g protein/40g carb) + black coffee

7am – 90′ weightlifting session (snatch, clean and jerk, squat) + 2 cups of whole milk PWO

930am – 3 eggs, 5oz of chicken sausage, mixed veggies, 60-70g of potatoes, 10-20g CHO of berries

1pm – spinach salad w/ 6-8oz of chicken, bacon, beets, sprouts, 1oz of pecans, carrots, EVOO vinegar + an apple

430pm – 20g whey shake + banana

530pm – 30-45′ of bodybuilding

715pm – 8-10oz tri-tip, grilled asparagus, 50-60g sweet potato, cucumber/tomato/avocado salad



6am – protein/carb shake (15/40) + coffee

7am – 45′ aerobic row @ 130 bpm

915am – 3 hard boil eggs, sliced tomato, 3 slices of bacon, 1/2 an avocado, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast w/ 2oz peanut butter

1pm – 6-8oz chicken bowl w/ brown rice (60-70g cho) and steamed broccoli

430pm – 20g pro shake + 2oz almonds + banana

530pm – 90′ weightlifting (snatch/clean and jerk/pulls/10-15′ gymnastic) + 2 cups of whole milk PWO

730pm – 8-10oz roasted chicken w/ carrots, onion, and white potato (70-90g of potato)



*sleep in

830am – 3 eggs, 4-6oz of roasted chicken, 2 piece of bacon, 50-60g of potatoes, spinach, 1oz sour cream

1130am – 20g whey shake + banana

1215pm – 30′ rowing intervals + core work + 2 cups of whole milk PWO

130pm – left over roasted chicken(6-8oz), potatoes(40-50g) carrots and onion

430pm – 2oz raw almonds, apple, 3oz beef jerky

7pm – 8-10oz roasted salmon, brusel sprouts sautéed w/ bacon and dates, parsnip puree, 50-60g brown rice



6am – protein/carb shake (15/40)

7am – 90′ weightlifting (power snatch, power clean and jerk, pause front squats, core) + 2 cups whole milk PWO

915am – corned beef and hash (40g protein + 70g carb), melon pineapple and berry (20g cho)

1230pm – spinach salad, 7-8oz chicken, 1oz walnuts, goat cheese, 1oz strawberries, cucumbers + 1 cup quinoa

4pm – 20g whey shake + banana

530pm – 45′ incline walk on treadmill @ 135 bpm

715pm – pork tacos (10-12oz protein) w/ low carb tortilla, lime, cilantro, onion, cabbage, and radish, black beans



6am – 15g protein/40g carb shake

7am – intervals on air dyne + 2 cups whole milk PWO

9am – left over pork (6-8oz, 3 hard boil eggs, tomato slices, 20-35g cho berries)

12pm – 2x double doubles from in n out (grilled onions, cheese, tomato, mustard) order of fries

4pm – 1oz almonds, whey shake, orange

530pm – 30-45′ bodybuilding

7pm – 10-12oz grilled ribeye, sautéed spinach w/ butter, baked potato (50-65g cho) w/ sour cream and chives



8am – 15g pro – 40g cho shake

930 – 90′ lifting (snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench press + 10-15′ gymnastics)

noon – 3 egg omlete w/ cheddar cheese, bell peppers and onions and ham (4-6oz), 1 cup oatmeal,
with 1oz blackberries and honey

4pm – mozzarella, basil, tomato, olive oil plate w/ salami and red wine

6pm – chuck roast (10-12oz) roasted garlic, rosemary, potatoes (60-70g cho), bread w/ olive oil vinegar, and house salad

9pm – ice cream



10am – brunch (have fun)

1230pm – nap

2pm – whey shake (20g pro) + 30′ walk

4pm – carrots, hummus, salami

7pm – 8-10oz try tip, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, white potato (60-80g cho)

*Be smart and understand this is for this individual in a certain cycle




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